Graham is typing

I'm an entrepreneur with an appreciation for crisp abstractions, fluid products, and performant teams.

I got my start designing and developing animations and games. Eventually, I moved to websites and apps. That's mostly what I work on these days.

Below are some of my more impactful projects.

A few select projects

Txt Muse


AI-powered writing software for people who don't hate writing. Uses AI to help you write 10x better, not 10x faster.



Turns out Wikipedia articles are ugly as heck when you print them out. Wikiprint was a quick project to make them look better.

Software for managing compliance paperwork. Yes, really! BranchLabs worked with many companies in the natural supplement space. After building the same compliance solution a few times, I developed an off-the-shelf product to meet the industry's need.



I've journaled for quite a long time. After years of committing my thoughts to an encrypted TXT file, I started building a product to aid my reflection and help others get started.



My eCommerce consulting company. First started as an individual consultant, and from there grew the team to a dozen people. Today my team and I work with clients from every industry, helping them design and develop eCommerce sites that bring their brands to life.

I built a web app that makes it easy to create and publish video memes. Caption Generator has gotten a few unthinking people in trouble (tsk tsk), but mostly it just hums along, bringing smiles to hundreds of thousands of people around the world each month.